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Virtual Guarding & CCTV

Virtual Guarding

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Alpha Alert

Virtual Guarding is a technology based early warning CCTV system, which is based on Smart Motion Detection (SMD), AI analytics that filter unwanted triggers and concentrate on human and vehicle activations. Advanced algorithms are used to differentiate events and send an alarm to our monitoring center once the appropriate trigger was detected. Activations with video footage and snap shots is sent to our control centre where it is stored for backup purposes for future use when required. This is all based on a “black screen” method in the control centre where the controller will react to an alarm event in stead of sitting and monitoring multiple cameras at the same time. Each event is then analised and when further action is required, a response warden is dispatched to the site with the relavant information and readiness when he get to site.

False Alerts are filtered for up to 95% accuracy, saving customers the hassles of unwanted alarms.

This is an ideal solution to use technology in place of people on the ground that cannot be in all areas at once like a CCTV can do. The complete perimeter of a property can be monitored 24/7 with the appropriate camera for the application.


Provided by:

Alpha Alert

Well-monitored premises are far less appealing to criminals than premises with no security measures in place.

Nowadays, it is not unusual for home and business owners to install security cameras around their homes and property to protect against trespassing, burglaries and vandalism. While the cameras themselves can’t do anything to physically prevent crimes from occurring they have become very effective deterrents.

Business surveillance is equally important after hours as it is during business hours, since almost anything can happen overnight in an unoccupied facility. Security cameras not only provide evidence of theft, but also help owners and managers keep tabs on overnight cleaning and maintenance crews, to ensure that all required tasks are being carried out.

We guarantee that our CCTV systems are installed to the highest standards to provide maximum security in the most efficient way.

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