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 Vehicle Tracking and Recoveries

Fleet Management

Navtrack is a privately owned company offering Vehicle Tracking and recovery to clients within the KZN region. Navtrack rapidly expanded its client base and is now offering services nationwide.

Navtrack is the vehicle monitoring and fleet management division of the Group. Our monitoring ranges from consumer to fleet management systems and each tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

Navtrack uses advanced technology through a reputable provider. Their servers and back up servers are very advanced and the software developers are tirelessly working to improve the technology providing information from the tracking devices.

Live tracking is important to any company from a few vehicles on the road to an entire fleet. This tool is of great importance to us and is an asset in recording events to go back in history to watch current events and other inputs such as speed, temperature of storage units and driver ID.

Recoveries are done in conjunction with other reliable security companies, the SAPS and we have access to air wing support.

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