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K9 Unit

K9 Unit

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K9 Unit

We have a team of Belgian Sheperds (Malinois’) and German Sheperds who are agile and extremely intelligent. They are working dog breeds with high drive, and are fiercly protective of their homes & people, their devotion and courage are unmatched which is why our company has chosen them.

They are fed the best food, their kennels washed down daily and bones are the treat of the day, EVERYDAY!

Malinois’ are light in weight making it easy for the handler to pick them up for whatever reason. German Shepherds are amazingly versatile, excelling at almost everything they are trained to do.  The aim of our dogs is spoor work, recovery of assets and patrol. Third party experts have certified our dogs in their respective specialized fields.

Our dogs that have grown up on the premises have free reign of the yard during the day. They were raised to socialize with our staff and to move freely in and out the office block. The aim of this is to ensure they are used to as many different situations with different variables. Their wellbeing is our top priority.

This is a working dogs’ heaven!

Our dogs are walked every day, and we do not believe in keeping them in cages. Their kennels are big, and we are fortunate that we have sufficient space on our premises, which allows them to run around while they are in their kennels. They are out in the day on the back of a bakkie doing farm patrols, walking, swimming or just going for a ride when not being trained. A visit to our kennels, unannounced, will show you that our animals are very well cared for and are in top condition.

There is a dedicated support team for our K9’s that will not easily be seen elsewhere. The dogs are bathed weekly, have been micro chipped and are regularly at the vet for health checkups as well as vaccinations.

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